Maggie Seldeen

Photo by Molly Briggs, Aspen Daily News

Founder & Executive Director Certified Colorado Peer and Family Specialist

Maggie grew up in Carbondale, but has lived and worked all across the valley in various capacities. A KDNK DJ and Public Affairs show host, Carbondale Arts volunteer, and Colorado Mesa University alumni, Maggie combines her lived experience and passion for social justice in working with individuals with a history of substance use. While growing up in the Roaring Fork Valley, Maggie was immersed in violence and substance abuse from a young age. When she was 15, Maggie was an injection drug user and she lost her mother to a heroin overdose. Maggie struggled with her own addictions for many years and now seeks to give back to the community that created her. Now a person in active and sustained recovery, Maggie continues to lose friends to opioid overdoses and has seen firsthand the rising rates of HIV and Hepatitis in our small towns. Maggie is committed to promoting the safety, health, respect and dignity of every person who resides in these beautiful mountain valleys we call our home. She believes in the power of recovery and knows that redemption is possible for everyone.

Our Board

The board of HRHR is comprised entirely of nonprofit professionals who have been personally affected by addiction, overdose, HIV and/or Hepatitis C in some way. As a Recovery Community Organization, we maintain that at least 51% of our board and staff represent members of the recovery community, with multiple pathways of recovery represented at our organization. 

If you are interested in being on our board, participating on an advisory council or volunteering in any way, please contact us today!