Harm Reduction in Rural Colorado

Combatting overdose deaths, the spread of infectious disease, economic costs and other negative consequences of substance use in rural Colorado through the expansion of evidence-based, harm reduction programing and peer support services.

We provide the following services for FREE:

  • Narcan/Naloxone
  • Fentanyl Test Strips
  • Sterile Use Equipment for snorting, smoking and injecting
  • Syringe Disposal
  • Syringe Exchange
  • First Aid and Wound Care Supplies
  • Overdose Prevention Education
  • Referrals and warm hand-offs to healthcare, legal aid, housing, etc.
  • Peer Support for people who use drugs, those seeking recovery and affected friends and family

Check the Service Schedule tab for locations or Contact Us for appointments/delivery.

Register for our monthly, virtual Narcan training HERE or contact Maggie@highrockiesharmreduction.com to schedule a training

In The News:

February 10th, 2023

Hattison Rensberry, KDNK Radio

Seldeen responds to coarse remarks by Garfield County Commissioners

“On [February 6th] several Garfield County commissioners made statements referring to harm reduction efforts as “enabling” those with addiction and referring to addiction as simply “bad choices”. To gain a different perspective, KDNK caught up with Maggie Seldeen, director of High Rockies Harm Reduction for her thoughts on their commentary.

February 6th, 2023

Ray Ekru, Post Independent

Local governance committee currently pitching ideas on what to do with major opioid settlement funds

“Seldeen herself was an injection drug user who also lost her mother to an overdose in 2006. She said on Tuesday harm reduction programs are proven to mitigate the spread of disease and that the Garfield County commissioners ‘are not health experts.'”

October 2022

The Opioid Matrix Podcast Interview

How Harm Reduction Strategies Serve as an Effective Safety Net w/ Maggie Seldeen, Founder & Director of High Rockies Harm Reduction

November 6th 2022

Starting Hearts Appoints New Advisory Board Member

Starting Hearts announced Friday the appointment of Maggie Seldeen to their advisory board.

Colorado 9 News, March 2022

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